Top Gunsmithing Schools

Are you looking for the Top Gunsmithing Schools in America? is dedicated to bring you all the information you need to know about find the right school for you so you can start a career as a gunsmith.

What is Gunsmithing?

gunsmithA gunsmith is specially trained tradesman who designs, builds, and repairs guns. They are responsible for making sure that firearms work properly and safely. Most gunsmiths are employed at firearms manufactures, military/law-enforcement agencies, sporting good stores, or as a home business.

Gunsmith Training Requirements

In order to become a gunsmith, it is recommended to complete the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Obtain general skills that all gunsmiths need. These skills include general machining, ballistics, drafting, basic algebra, and even woodworking.

Step 2: Complete an accredited training program at a gunsmithing school or qualified local apprenticeship

Step 3: Check and obtain required firearms license from U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

Read more about gunsmith training requirements and common gunsmithing classes.

Top Gunsmithing Schools

top gunsmthing schoolsTop gunsmithing schools that do not offer the option of long distance or online learning include Colorado School of Trades, Yavapai College, and Wabash Valley College. While it’s unfortunate they have yet to include an internet based option. If these schools are near you and you would like to gain more hands on experience than a traditional school may be a great option. Read more about the best gunsmithing schools.

Online Gunsmithing Schools

online gunsmithing schoolsMany gunsmithing schools have embraced the internet and remote learning. The benefits of online gunsmith schools include lower tuition prices, flexible learning schedule and speed, and the ability to select the best online school vs. just the local brick and mortar school. Top online gunsmithing schools include AGI Gunsmithing Institute, Penn Foster, and Ashworth College. Read more about online gunsmithing schools.

Gunsmithing Tools Required at most Gunsmithing schools

gunsmithing toolsAs a gunsmith your tools become your most important asset outside of your training and on the job training. The most respected manufactures include Brownells, Midway, and Cabelas. Gunsmithing tools include hollow-ground screwdrivers, brass nylon hammers, punches, allen wrenches, hand files, pliers, cleaning brushes, and various other specialty testing tools. Read more about gunsmithing tools.

What is the Average Gunsmith Salary?

gunsmith salaryThe average annual salary of a gunsmith is $43,250. The average starting salary of a gunsmith is $26,500 while well paid and highly experienced workers average over $60,000. (source: Read more about the typical gunsmith salary.

Best Gunsmithing books

While a book won’t replace gunsmithing school, there are several great gunsmithing books which a beginner should consider reading before starting gunsmith school.

  • American Gun: A history of the US in Ten Firearms
  • Gun Digest 2015
  • Lee Precision Modern Reloading

Read more about the best gunsmithing books.

Home Gunsmith

home gunsmithThe term home or kitchen gunsmith is often a negative term to a licensed trained gunsmith. The home gunsmith has earned this bad reputation for getting in over their head in a gun repair or modification project. The project often ends in a firearm in an inoperable state, damaged, and in some cases the home gunsmith injuring themselves. If you do decide to repair or modify your firearm at home you should follow these 7 tips:

  1. Read the manual
  2. Only attempt simple projects
  3. Work in a large clean space
  4. Stay organized
  5. Use proper tools and equipment
  6. Use precision over power
  7. If you get stuck. Go to a pro

Read more about home gunsmith safety and gunsmithing courses designed for the home gunsmith.

How to Find Gunsmith Jobs

Once you have completed gunsmithing school you have several great options to find your first job. Your first option is to use your training school’s placement center. Most schools have a dedicated department to get all of their students quickly employed. A great way improve your chances through your school is to enlist the help of your instructors. The gunsmithing community is pretty small and the trainers have a great network as they have literally trained hundreds of current gunsmiths over the past decade. You second option to find a gunsmith job is to look online. The mainstream job boards like monster and careerbuilder aren’t the one’s that list a gunsmith job. Look at niche boards like and A third place to find a job is on the popular gunsmithing forums. Most forums have a section devoted to job openings. A final option is join the military. They are the largest single employer of gunsmiths for obvious reasons. Read more about how to find gunsmith jobs.

1911 Gunsmith Tools

1911 gunsmithingThe 1911 single-action, semi-automatic gun was introduced into the US military in 1911. While the design and performance has improved over the past hundred years, the basic design remains the same. Due to the popularity of the 1911 design, it is important to become well trained on the M1911 gun and have the correct 1911 gunsmith tools. You can see a complete list of 1911 gunsmith tools listed by Brownells. Read more about 1911 Gunsmith tools.

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