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AGI Gunsmithing School

AGI Gunsmithing SchoolAGI Gunsmithing School is a DVD based learning program that was created by master gunsmith and certified gunsmith instructor Robert Dunlap. Bob Dunlap has over 35 years of professional experience and taught at the Lassen College’s gunsmithing school for 20 years. Unlike community colleges or other degree based online education colleges, AGI Gunsmithing School only focuses on gunsmithing certification and training. AGI’s specialization is perfect for anyone looking to become a gunsmith or simply improve their home gunsmithing skills.

AGI Gunsmithing School Training Courses

AGI offers 2 types of training:

  • Professional Gunsmithing Certification
  • Home Gunsmithing Track: Topic specific videos

AGI’s professional gunsmithing training certification is offered at 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Master.

  • AGI Beginner Gunsmithing Course: is 108 hours of video which covers the basics of gun design, function, and repair. This provides you a strong knowledge base of the how’s and why’s of firearms which is critical to becoming a knowledge gunsmith. As a bonus you are given several bonus DVD’s: “Making Glocks Rock”, “Glass Bedding”, “Building the ultimate 1911 pistol”, “Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles”, “Super Tuning the Factory Rifle”, “Building the Complete Custom Mauser Rifle”, and “Buying and Collecting Used Guns – a Dealer’s Secrets”.
  • AGI Intermediate Gunsmithing Course: covers all the Beginner materials PLUS you complete the Complete Machine Shop Course. The machine shop course covers the lathe, vertical milling, and general shop techniques. AGI provides you test materials, projects, and a certification in machine shop theory and practice. The Machine shop course is 29 hours of DVD based learning. Bonus videos: “Advanced Trigger Jobs and Systems”, “Professional Metal Finishing and Hot Caustic Bluing”, “Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing”, “Pillar Bedding Rifles for Accuracy”, “A Day at the Bench with Bob Dunlap”, “Stock Refinishing, Selecting, Understanding and Buying Pistols and Rifle Scopes”, “How to Heat Treat Carbon Steels”, “Case Hardening Metal Parts”, “How to Make Coil Springs”, “Learning the Art of Making Flat Springs”.
  • AGI Master Gunsmithing Course: The master course covers both the beginner and intermediate material PLUS you complete the Complete Welding Course and receive even more BONUS dvd’s. The complete welding course provides you the A to Z knowledge needed for welding. You learn safety, MIG, stick (or arc), TIG, plasma cutting, and how to read and understand welding plans/symbols. The welding training is completed through 22 hours of step by step visual DVD teaching. BONUS DVDs include “Building the G-3 From a Parts Kit”, “Building the AR-15 From a Parts Kit”, “How To Do a Trigger Job on an AR-15”, “Building the M1 Garand From a Parts List”, “How To Do a Trigger Job on an M1 Garand”, and “How to Re-Barrel, Blueprint, and Tune Military Mauser Rifle Actions.”

AGI also recognizes that not everyone wants to work as a gunsmith. Many gun owners simply want to be able to complete home gunsmithing projects as a hobby or to save money. AGI is the ultimate Home Gunsmithing resource and training center. AGI has 100’s of specialized DVDs for the hobby gunsmith who wants to tackle a specific project.

AGI Gunsmithing Program Enrollment Requirements

There is no pre-qualification required to enroll.

AGI Gunsmithing Training Video Costs

AGI Gunsmithing Certifications costs are Beginning = $4,048, Intermediate = $6,069, and Master = $7079.

Individual videos vary but most are priced at $39.95.

AGI Gunsmithing Student and Customer Reviews

Student Quotes:

“This Course is Fantastic! I am just setting up my shop and this course has saved me countless hours. A lot of manual machining skills that are fast being lost, are thankfully preserved through this course” – Robert Honeycutt, Black Mtn. NC.

“AGI’s video on the H&K 94 took the mystery out of the inner workings of my rifle and gave me the confidence to take it apart without the fear of not being able to put it back together again.” – Paul Traina, Irving ,TX.


Training Schools like AGI Gunsmithing School

Are you interested in other Gunsmithing schools like AGI? Check out other online options like Penn Foster Gunsmithing School or Ashworth Gunsmithing School.

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Ashworth Gunsmithing School

Ashworth Gunsmithing School

Ashworth College is a private, for-profit college which is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Ashworth College headquarters is at 6625 The Corners Pkwy NW #500 in Norcross, GA 30092. Ashworth Gunsmithing School is part of the larger Ashworth College program.

Ashworth’s mission is focus on student outcomes and benefits. Including effective communication, critical thinking, technical training, profession skills, life skills, and qualifying students for advancement.

Ashworth Gunsmithing School Training

The length of Gunsmithing training is self paced but typically completed in 6 months.

The Ashworth gunsmithing program is online and made up of 19 online lessons. Each lesson is easy to follow and builds on the previous lesson. This allows a novice to quickly gain knowledge and move onto more advanced topics and projects. Key Gunsmithing training covers topics including:

  • Gun cleaning
  • Installing scopes
  • Improving gun accuracy
  • Bolt action rifles
  • Shotguns

What’s included in your tuition and training:

  • Detailed textbooks and study guides
  • Online exams
  • Brownell’s authoritative and detailed gun supply catalog
  • Dedicated education support
  • Job search and time management guides
  • Access to Ashworth’s large online student community and forum
  • Career services by Careerbuilder
  • 1 year free Silver membership in the Gun Club of America (A $360 value)

Ashworth Gunsmith Program Enrollment Requirements

Ashworth’s gunsmith course does not have any specific prerequisites. The program requires you to be 18 but no ACT, SAT, or COMPASS testing is required. Admissions are on a rolling basis and classes start weekly.

Ashworth Gunsmith Program Cost

The cost of the Ashworth online gunsmith course is $709 (excluding books and fees)

Ashworth offers career tuition (coupon codes) specials and flexible payment options that include 0% interest financing.

Ashworth Gunsmith Student Reviews

According to, 71% of students would recommend Ashworth to others and 72% believed Ashworth improved their career. Another great source for to see if Ashworth is right for you is the Ashworth facebook fan page. It has nearly 50,000 likes!

Student Quote:

“I have recommended Ashworth College to people interested in furthering their education. Continuing your education in a program of study you enjoy and accomplishing your goals is a worthwhile experience.”

Source: Ben McCarns (Class of 2012)

Schools like Ashworth

Are you interested in other Gunsmithing schools like Ashworth? Check out the other online options like AGI or Penn Foster.

Common questions about Ashworth College.

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Penn Foster Gunsmith School – FAQ

Below is a list of questions people frequently have about Penn Foster Gunsmith SchoolPenn Foster Gunsmthing School

Is Penn Foster Accredited?

  • Yes. Penn Foster is an accredited school. Penn Foster is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), the Distance Education and Training Council, the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA), and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Is Penn Foster legit?

  • Absolutely. Penn Foster is a legitimate gunsmithing school. Over 13 million people have enrolled at Penn Foster for all classes and thousands have enrolled for their gunsmithing courses. They are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and the Distance Education and Training Council.

Where is Penn Foster College Located?

  • Penn Foster’s physical campus is at 925 Oak St, Scranton, PA 18515. However, today most of Penn Foster’s education is completed over the internet. All of the Gunsmithing training is long distance learning through the internet.

Is Penn Foster a Scam?

  • No. Penn Foster has provided a quality affordable education to millions over the past 100 plus years. However, there will always be a few unhappy students. Some of these students may post negative statements about Penn Foster on their blog, facebook page or twitter.

Is Penn Foster real?

  • Since Penn Foster is primarily an online educational institution it’s understandable that some people may be concerned if Penn Foster is real or just an online scam. Penn Foster has been educating Americans since 1890! So it’s safe to say Penn Foster is Real!

How much does Penn Foster Cost?

  • The cost of Penn Foster varies by program. The cost of the Penn Foster Gunsmithing Diploma is $667 which can be financed if necessary.

Is Penn Foster Accredited in Florida, New York, and California?

  • No only is Penn Foster accredited in Florida, New York, and California. It’s accredited in all 50 states by a national educational board.

What colleges are like Penn Foster?

  • Penn Foster overall is a very unique school as it started as a small school in Pennsylvania but has grown to be one of the largest online educators in the world. However, Penn Foster’s gunsmith training is online only. Given this fact see the question below.

What Online Schools are like Penn Foster?

  • Great question. If you have narrowed your search to online gunsmithing schools you should look at all the top gunsmithing schools online. If you are considering Penn Foster the 2 other online schools to consider are Ashworth College and AGI (American Gun Institute).

Where can I get more information about Penn Foster?

  • Here’s a form provided by Penn Foster for prospective students. The information is free and there is zero obligation!

How can I learn more about Gunsmithing and Gunsmithing School?

My question is on this list. Can you help me?

  • Absolutely. Email any questions to admin (at) and we’ll add it to our list.

Penn Foster Gunsmith School

Penn Foster Gunsmthing SchoolPenn Foster is a career school that offers a wide range of independent study programs. Programs range from high school (GEDs) to business to gunsmithing. Penn Foster is the largest accredited independent study school in America. 13 million students have enrolled at Penn Foster providing a large educational alumni group.

Penn Foster Gunsmith Training

The length of Gunsmithing training is self paced but typically completed in 90 days.

At Penn Foster you will learn at home however the program is designed (and is expected) that you will get hands on experience at home. At the end of the gunsmith program you will

  • Know how to evaluate, repair and customize a variety of firearms
  • Know how to fit, finish, and customize stocks
  • Know how to restore old guns
  • Know how to pack ammunition
  • Know how to mount and adjust gun sights

Penn Foster’s Gunsmith program will provide you with books, lesson plans, gunsmithing equipment, study aids, industry illustrations, and various guides required for the program. Penn Foster will also provide you step by step directions how to obtain your FFL (Federal Firearms License).

Penn Foster Gunsmith Program Enrollment Requirements

The program requires you to be 18 and a high school graduate but no ACT, SAT, or COMPASS testing is required. Admissions are on a rolling basis and classes start weekly.

Penn Foster Gunsmith Program Cost

The cost of the Penn Foster Gunsmith Career Diploma is $667 (excluding books and fees)

Penn Foster offers career tuition specials and flexible payment options that include 0% interest financing.

Penn Foster Gunsmith Student Reviews

Penn Foster Student Survey results suggest very happy graduates. 94% achieved their personal goals, 97% would recommend Penn Foster to a friend, and 98% were satisfied with their study program.

Student Quotes:

“I highly recommend Penn Foster to anyone who is looking for a school that offers them the freedom to work at their own speed. I found Penn Foster to be very affordable and helpful, and I always received my study units in a timely fashion. This is a wonderful school! – E. Brache, NY

“Penn Foster is great if you have a busy schedule. You can find time to work on your assignments and the instructors are only an email or phone call away. It’s absolutely perfect when you are unable to sit in a regular classroom environment.” – K. Homovich, NC

Review Source

Schools like Penn Foster

Are you interested in other Gunsmithing schools like Penn Foster? Check out the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School which is located in the same state or other online options like AGI or Ashworth College.

Common questions about Penn Foster online gunsmithing school.

Interested in more information about becoming a Gunsmith?

Colt AR-15A4

The AR-15 series is a popular rifle across government agencies (law and military), home defense, hunting, and competitive competitions.  AR-15′s effective range is 400-600 meters depending on conditions.


Colt AR-15 Technical Details

Caliber 5.56×45 NATO
Barrel Length (in.) 20
Bore Chromed, 6 Grooves, 1-7″ RH Twist
Front Sight Adjustable Post for Elevation
Rear Sight Adjustable for Windage
Length 37.5″
Weight 7.71 lbs
Action Direct Gas System, Locking Bolt
Finish Color Matte Black

Source: Colt

Is the Colt AR-15 difficult to build from scratch as a home gunsmithing project?

The AR-15 is a highly accurate and refined firearm however the operations of the AR-15 is really quite simple. Simplicity is a great thing if you are still gaining experience as a home gunsmith. Some key points of simplicity include low maintenance; low recoil action, light weight, lots of accessories, semi-automatic, and lots of additional information can be found on gun forums such as and

3 ways to purchase a Colt AR-15:

  1. Purchase new through a dealer. This will cost between $1,000 to $1,500.
  2. Purchase used through a dealer. Unfortunately these guns even used are not cheap. Expect to pay 90% of the original price (~$900 to $1,400)
  3. DIY Home Gunsmithing project: If you are well trained a DIY Colt AR-15 will cost about $700.

Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing School

Colorado School of Trades (Gunsmithing School)

The Colorado School of Trades is one of the top colorado gunsmithing schools.  Below is a brief summary of their programs, study hours, tuition costs, and school graduation/employment history.

Colorado Gunsmthing schoolsPrograms offered:

  • Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Gunsmithing
  • Certificate of Gunsmithing
  • Certificate of Advanced Gunsmithing

Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Gunsmithing

Program Objectives:

A graduate of the Colorado School of Trade receiving the Associates of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing will be well prepared to work as an entry level gunsmith. Students will be proficient in general repair, custom gun work, pistolsmithing, and preparation of firearms for shooting competitions.

Students gain hands on and real world experience repairing guns in the largest gun repair shop in America.

Colorado School of Trades Gunsmithing Project Details

Basic Gunsmithing Course

The core training consists of 250 hours dedicated to teaching students basic tool skills, gun safety, math, and introduction to several core gunsmithing concepts including stock refinishing, metal preparation, and the bluing process.

Machining Course

The machining training will teach using a gunsmith lathe, tool bit grinding, milling, oxy-acetylene welding, and grinding. At the end of this course, student gunsmiths will have threaded and chambered a rifle and test fired it on the shooting range.

Stockmaking Course

The course teaches key concepts and techniques required for building customized firearms. You will learn about stockmaking materials, metal prep, sight adjustments, and ballistics. All students will have the opportunity to build a custom bolt action rifle during class time.

Design and Function Course

The capstone and most critical part of the program comprises nearly half of the total 1,800 hours of study. Students learn to diagnose and repair customer firearms gaining practical experience across a range of firearms including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Students can also gain deeper knowledge of an area of interest by completing the 100 hour required special project.

Study Hours

Shop and Lab = 1,500
Classroom       =   300
Total                = 1,800

Program Cost = $7,500

Colorado School of Trades Location and Contact Information
1575 Hoyt St.
Lakewood, CO 80215
1-800-234-4595 Ext. 45

Program completion and job placement data:

  • 115 of 129 students completed the program within the standard 14 month period.
  • 75% of students were employed as gunsmithings within 6 months of completing the course. (source: 2013 disclosure report)


Compare the best gunsmithing schools or read more about gunsmithing schools.



Gunsmithing Books to Read

Gunsmithing BooksGunsmithing books still remain one of the best sources of information about guns as the information about gun designs and gunsmithing doesn’t change very quickly. A few good books are great reference for even a master gunsmith. Below are a several gunsmithing books that are recommended. While there are dozens of excellent books the 5 recommended below would be a great start to your collection. The 5 recommendations provide you with 2 how to guides, 1 historical reference, and 2 catalog type references.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #1

Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith by Bryce M. Towsley

Bryce Towsley is one of the US’s best gun experts. Gunsmithing Made Easy provides detailed explanations and color illustrations for all aspects of gun repair. The book features stock modification, how to improve gun accuracy, weatherizing, and basic maintenance projects. Many consider this the A to Z guide to home gunsmithing.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #2

Professional Gunsmithing: A Textbook On The Repair And Alteration Of Firearms by Walter J. Howe

Walter Howe’s book provides an inspirational look and guidance to running a commercial gun repair shop. He provides detailed notes of repairing, customizing and maintaining guns within a commercial gun shop environment.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #3

American Gun: A history of the US in Ten Firearms by Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle – author of #1 bestselling American Sniper – documents how 10 legendary guns changed U.S. history. The book takes a unique point of view on key times in American history and highlights the impact and importance of firearms in the history of America.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #4

Gun Digest 2015

The annual Gun Digest is the definitive catalog of guns. This guide is now in it’s 69th edition and covers guns released this year and for the past several decades. The digest provides significant details and photos for all guns along with excellent in-depth articles on a variety of gun topics.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #5

Lee Precision Modern Reloading by Richard Lee

What could be called the definitive book on ammunitions and loading. This great reference book covers over 28,000 loads and 167 cartridges. The format is easy to read with clear bullet pointed details. Find exclusive pressure and velocity factors to improve your ability to pack loads.

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Gunsmithing Tools in a Standard Gunsmith Toolkit

If you are attending a traditional gunsmithing school with classrooms and labs you will be able to use the tools at the gunsmithing school. However, if you are learning through an online gunsmithing school you may need to purchase the tools traditionally provided by the gunsmithing school.

Gunsmithing Tools in a Standard Gunsmith Toolkit

Here are the 7 standard tools in a gunsmith’s toolkit:

Gunsmithing Tool #1 Hollow-Ground Screwdrivers

gunsmithing tools Hollow-Ground ScrewdriversThe hollow-ground screwdriver is one of the most basic and essential tools in a gunsmithing toolkit. A hollow-ground screwdriver differs from a standard screwdriver as it does NOT taper from the tip of the screwdriver. The benefit of the hollow-ground design is better secure torque with less risk of breaking or stripping the screw head. Hollow-ground screwdrivers cost between $30 and $70 depending on the number of screwdrivers in the set and manufacture. Top manufactures include Foster, Chapman, Grace USA and Wheeler.

Gunsmithing Tool #2 Brass Nylon Hammers

Gunsmithing tools-Brass Nylon HammersBrass nylon hammers are a 2 in 1 hammer. The nylon side is used for used for alignment and when you wish to avoid marking the metal. The Brass side is for driving pins, punches, and other more traditional hammer applications. Brass nylon hammers range from $7 to $30 depending on manufacture. Some well known manufacturers of gunsmith hammers are Weaver, Lyman and Wheeler.

Gunsmithing Tool #3 Punch Sets

Gunsmithing tools-Punch SetsThere are dozens of punch set types as many guns require specific punches. Punches are used to drive in or out firing, roll, and spring pins. When starting out you can purchase a basic set of utility punches but expect to add punches to your collection as you gain experience with various firearms. A basic set of utility punches from Lyman, Wheeler, ProMag, or Starrett will range between $25 and $50. Speciality punches vary wildly and is very dependent on the gun.

Gunsmithing Tool #4 Allen Wrench Set

Gunsmithing tools Allen Wrench SetAllen wrench are ‘L’ shaped tools that tighten and loosen screws with a hexagon shaped head. The unique shape allows more torque to be placed on a screw with less risk of slippage or damage to the screw. Allen keys come in standard and metric sizes. Both will be required as guns manufactures use both depending on the country of design. Large Allen wrench sets are available from Neiko, Tekton, Dewalt, and Bondhus which range from $13 to more than $50. A middle priced set from any of the mentioned manufactures should be a good starter set.

Gunsmithing Tool #5 Hand files

gunsmithing tools Hand FilesA gunsmith who customizes guns will consider his hand files to be sacred. The hand file tools are used to file and shape custom gun parts. The shape and fit must be precise. You should plan on investing the most into your hand files as quality files are made of extremely durable and long lasting material. High quality gunsmithing files are manufactured by Nicholson, Tekton, and Warrensville.

Gunsmithing Tool #6 Pliers

gunsmithing tools PilersGunsmiths need a wide range of pliers for various tasks. You will need needle-nose, slip joint, linemans, tongue and groove, and locking pliers. You may have many of these in your current toolkits as gunsmith’s use standard pliers. Look for pliers made by Stanley, Neiko, and DeWalt.

Gunsmithing Tool #7 Cleaning Brushes

gunsmithing tools cleaning brushesCleaning brushes are used to sweep away filings, dirt, and other particles within the gun mechanism. Steel and brass brushes are used for most standard situations while a nylon cleaning brush is used for the firing mechanism as it is a very sensitive and precise. Look for complete gunsmith cleaning brush sets that include all 3 types along with various sizes.


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Gunsmith Jobs

gunsmithing jobsLooking for gunsmith jobs? This classic job is growing in demand as more people and more people are purchasing firearms in these uncertain economical and political times. These new gun owners are more likely to seek professional service for their firearms which makes the employment outlook for gunsmith jobs very positive.

Job Description for Gunsmith Jobs

A typical job description for a gunsmith job at a sporting goods store usually looks like this:

  • Clean, diagnosis, and fix customer firearms and systems
  • Replace and repair broken or defective firearms.
  • Be able to disassemble and reassemble a wide range of small and large firearms including popular handguns, shotguns, and rifles.
  • Maintain correct store inventory levels. Keep records of sales and reorder parts as necessary.
  • Maintain clear records of all firearm repairs
  • Display a positive and customer focus attitude

Qualifications of Gunsmith Jobs

Basic skills needed for all gunsmithing jobs include machining, ballistics, drafting, woodworking, and algebra.

Gunsmith specific skills include ammunitions, ability to identify firearm issues, checkering, engraving, and installing/aligning gun sights.

Gunsmith training: A gunsmith must complete a training program that includes either a certification (short as 90 days) or a full 2 year associate degree in gunsmithing. You can find online gunsmithing schools for certification or traditional gunsmithing schools for an associate degree.

A Gunsmith apprenticeship may be required if you lack some of the basic skills or only received an online certification. Your online school should be able to help connect you with licensed master gunsmiths in your area to find the right apprenticeship.

A gunsmith must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) as they are considered a firearms dealer under the laws of the United States. The gunsmith must also maintain a “bound book” if they keep possession of firearms over night.

Salary Guide for Gunsmith Jobs

Enter level gunsmithing jobs pay about $26,500 per year and the average salary for gunsmithing jobs is $43,250. Here’s a more detailed gunsmith salary analysis.

Types of Gunsmithing Jobs

A gunsmith typically works at a gun manufacture, sporting goods store, the government (police or military), and in their own personal business.

Where to find Gunsmith Jobs

The 3 best places to find available gunsmithing jobs are at online job websites, your local newspapers, and through your gunsmithing school. The best online job websites for gunsmithing jobs are and

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Home Gunsmithing Safety

home gunsmith projectHome Gunsmithing is a growing hobby. Home gunsmithing projects are a great way to save money, learn more about your weapon, and can be a great puzzle like challenge. However, home gunsmithing project mistakes can quickly turn expensive and even dangerous so you should follow these tips.

Read the manual: You should always read and re-read the manual. This is especially true for anyone planning do any modifications or maintenance. If you do not have a copy of the manual they are very easy to find on line as all manufactures now place .pdf files on their website of manuals.

Another great resource can be gunsmithing books which are available on Amazon or other large book websites. Gunsmithing books can really a greater level of information on your firearm as a gun manual on covers the basics.

Only attempt simple projects: Know your limits of home gunsmithing. Start with simple home gunsmithing projects such as cleaning and basic maintenance. This will allow you to become familiar with your firearm and the tools. As you gain experience you can start to perform basic repairs and eventually attempt customization and modifications.

Work in a large clean space: Creating the right space will help keep you organized, focused, and in the right state of mind. You ideally should have a proper work bench which is large enough to accommodate your firearm with easy access to your tools. The room itself should be quite and free of distractions and home foot traffic.

Stay organized: Work methodically and take notes of what you are doing. Remember a missing part can be an expensive and time consuming mistake. Have several containers to keep all your gun parts organized. Line up the containers in the order of disassembly. This way if you get stuck you can always retrace your steps by having your parts in the right order.

Use proper tools and equipment: Guns are finely craft with precision. Using the wrong sized screwdriver or a cheap punch can quickly damage your prized firearm. If you are just starting out there are several good kits that will provide you all the basic tools. Over time you’ll need to replace and upgrade certain tools.

Use precision over power: If a piece or a part is not working it is usually due to misalignment vs. lack of power. Work slowly. Check for alignment and fit. If you become frustrated don’t be afraid to take a break. A break will often give you a fresh perspective and the piece will quickly fall into alignment.

If you are doing a lot of home gunsmithing projects, you can also consider buying a gunsmith quality torque driver. A torque driver allows you to carefully control the torque so you avoid stripping screws.

If you get stuck. Go to a pro: If you have read the manual, checked online for a solution, and even taken several breaks and still are having issues with your home gunsmithing project, go to a pro. Guessing at the next step and trouble shooting can lead to expensive and sometime dangerous results. If you have taken good notes and stayed organized then it should be very easy for a licensed gunsmith to pick up your project.

If you follow these simple rules, you should have success at your next home gunsmithing project.

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