Gunsmith Jobs

gunsmithing jobsLooking for gunsmith jobs? This classic job is growing in demand as more people and more people are purchasing firearms in these uncertain economical and political times. These new gun owners are more likely to seek professional service for their firearms which makes the employment outlook for gunsmith jobs very positive.

Job Description for Gunsmith Jobs

A typical job description for a gunsmith job at a sporting goods store usually looks like this:

  • Clean, diagnosis, and fix customer firearms and systems
  • Replace and repair broken or defective firearms.
  • Be able to disassemble and reassemble a wide range of small and large firearms including popular handguns, shotguns, and rifles.
  • Maintain correct store inventory levels. Keep records of sales and reorder parts as necessary.
  • Maintain clear records of all firearm repairs
  • Display a positive and customer focus attitude

Qualifications of Gunsmith Jobs

Basic skills needed for all gunsmithing jobs include machining, ballistics, drafting, woodworking, and algebra.

Gunsmith specific skills include ammunitions, ability to identify firearm issues, checkering, engraving, and installing/aligning gun sights.

Gunsmith training: A gunsmith must complete a training program that includes either a certification (short as 90 days) or a full 2 year associate degree in gunsmithing. You can find online gunsmithing schools for certification or traditional gunsmithing schools for an associate degree.

A Gunsmith apprenticeship may be required if you lack some of the basic skills or only received an online certification. Your online school should be able to help connect you with licensed master gunsmiths in your area to find the right apprenticeship.

A gunsmith must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) as they are considered a firearms dealer under the laws of the United States. The gunsmith must also maintain a “bound book” if they keep possession of firearms over night.

Salary Guide for Gunsmith Jobs

Enter level gunsmithing jobs pay about $26,500 per year and the average salary for gunsmithing jobs is $43,250. Here’s a more detailed gunsmith salary analysis.

Types of Gunsmithing Jobs

A gunsmith typically works at a gun manufacture, sporting goods store, the government (police or military), and in their own personal business.

Where to find Gunsmith Jobs

The 3 best places to find available gunsmithing jobs are at online job websites, your local newspapers, and through your gunsmithing school. The best online job websites for gunsmithing jobs are and

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