Gunsmithing Books to Read

Gunsmithing BooksGunsmithing books still remain one of the best sources of information about guns as the information about gun designs and gunsmithing doesn’t change very quickly. A few good books are great reference for even a master gunsmith. Below are a several gunsmithing books that are recommended. While there are dozens of excellent books the 5 recommended below would be a great start to your collection. The 5 recommendations provide you with 2 how to guides, 1 historical reference, and 2 catalog type references.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #1

Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith by Bryce M. Towsley

Bryce Towsley is one of the US’s best gun experts. Gunsmithing Made Easy provides detailed explanations and color illustrations for all aspects of gun repair. The book features stock modification, how to improve gun accuracy, weatherizing, and basic maintenance projects. Many consider this the A to Z guide to home gunsmithing.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #2

Professional Gunsmithing: A Textbook On The Repair And Alteration Of Firearms by Walter J. Howe

Walter Howe’s book provides an inspirational look and guidance to running a commercial gun repair shop. He provides detailed notes of repairing, customizing and maintaining guns within a commercial gun shop environment.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #3

American Gun: A history of the US in Ten Firearms by Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle – author of #1 bestselling American Sniper – documents how 10 legendary guns changed U.S. history. The book takes a unique point of view on key times in American history and highlights the impact and importance of firearms in the history of America.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #4

Gun Digest 2015

The annual Gun Digest is the definitive catalog of guns. This guide is now in it’s 69th edition and covers guns released this year and for the past several decades. The digest provides significant details and photos for all guns along with excellent in-depth articles on a variety of gun topics.

Recommend Gunsmithing Books #5

Lee Precision Modern Reloading by Richard Lee

What could be called the definitive book on ammunitions and loading. This great reference book covers over 28,000 loads and 167 cartridges. The format is easy to read with clear bullet pointed details. Find exclusive pressure and velocity factors to improve your ability to pack loads.

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