Gunsmithing Courses

If you are just a home gunsmith hobbyist or not sure if you want to pursue a career in gunsmithing yet, you should consider taking a few gunsmithing courses. Most of the best gunsmithing schools allow people to take certain basic courses ‘ala cart’.

Individual gunsmithing courses allow you to get some trial experience before committing to a full program. A smaller gunsmithing training course also allows you to hyper focus on a specific area of interest. Even certified gunsmiths may take individual gunsmithing courses to help them become a specialist or to just stay educated on their craft.

Popular Gunsmithing Courses

NRA Gunsmithing Courses

gunsmith courses_NRAThe NRA has partnered with five gun schools around the country to provide short-term courses. The schools are Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell Montana, Lassen Community College in Susanville California, Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado, Murray State College in Tishomino Oklahoma, and Montgomery Community College in Troy North Carolina. Classes held in the spring and summer. Each school works with the NRA but sets tuition prices and the final course topics. As these are NRA supported courses, the gunsmithing classes tend to book up quickly. Check here for more details.

The American Gun Institute

The AGI has the largest DVD based gunsmith course library available today. The AGI has mult-disc courses that allow you to become gunsmith certified in just 90 days and even shorter specialized courses such as ‘Build your own M1 Garand’ that takes just 2 hours. The latest AGI’s gunsmith courses include Smith and Wesson M&P Semi-auto Pistols, Ruger SR9/SR40, 1911 gunsmith, and Troubleshooting 1911 auto style guns. All of AGI’s classes listed here are less than 2 hours each.

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School Courses

gunsmith courses_PennsylvaniaThe PGS does not offer single gunsmithing courses. Instead they have created a single Master Gunsmithing Program which is based on 62 years by practicing gunsmiths and gunsmith employers. No prior experience is required and the program is designed to have each lesson build on the previous lesson.

Students at the Pennsylvania gun school will cover the following topics:

  • Layout, hack sawing, filing and gauging techniques
  • Heat treatment, metallurgy, and spring creation
  • Firearm vocabulary
  • The function, design and cycle of firearm operations
  • Multiple polishing and bluing techniques
  • How to disassemble and reassembly firearms
  • Custom stockmaking, recoil pad installation, stock finishing/checkering
  • How to bed a stock
  • Welding and soldering
  • Gunsmith Lathe, drilling, grinding and milling
  • Installing telescopic and fixed sights
  • Barrel fitting, chambering and head spacing
  • Basic ballistics and hand loading
  • Repairing and customizing across a variety of firearms
  • Introduction to best business practices, standard gunsmith store operations and job search

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